Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in coming to see you for a consultation, do I need to make an appointment?

The short answer is yes. Choosing a kitchen shouldn't be a rushed experience and we like to make time for you!

What should I bring with me?

If you have a set of plans they will be a useful starting point. If you are interested in a replacement kitchen, make a simple sketch of the existing layout showing approximate positions of doors, windows, sink, appliances etc. and we will use this as a starting point. Don't worry too much about fine detail as all jobs are measured by us prior to finalising order.

Can you remove my existing kitchen?

Yes, we offer a one stop shop for replacement kitchens. We will arrange for your sink and appliances to be disconnected by the relevant trades and will co-ordinate the installation of the new kitchen with all trades. You will need to supply a waste skip or other suitable disposal means. For further details please ask our showroom consultant.

Why is it preferable to purchase electrical appliances with my kitchen?

In our experience, the timing of appliance delivery to site is important, especially for new builds. If appliances are delivered too early it is not unknown for them to be the target of an opportunistic thief. In the case of integrated appliances it is essential for them to be on site when our fitter is as the kitchen cannot be completed without them. In addition, it is not uncommon for mistakes to be made in the transfer of information (dimensions for aperatures for ovens etc.) from retail outlet staff or client to our design team. Owing to the above difficulties we provide an appliance fit out service as all issues are then fully within our control.

What are your payment terms?

When you are ready to proceed with your order a small deposit (currently €500) is required. The balance of the quoted amount is due as follows:- 50% when manufacturing commences, 25% when units are delivered and the balance when fitting has been completed. We accept payment by cheque, Bank Draft, Laser or Credit Card.